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Primal Mama: Embodied Birth Education 6-class series
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Birthing your baby will likely be one of the most profound experiences of your life as a woman. It can also be the most embodied and transformational. This can happen more easily when there is a high level of trust in the primal intelligence and subtle inner workings of your exquisite female body, for we are mammals even if we claim to be sophisticated twenty-first-century mamas! Our lifestyle and the dominant birthing culture, on the other hand, promotes anything but trust and confidence in our instinctual capacity to birth. Many of us navigate our lives from the busyness of our minds and awareness on our external reality for the most part. It is then no wonder that a vast majority of women in Australia will hand over their autonomy to others in the birthplace and experience a less-than-joyful birth of their baby.

You are invited on this 6-week embodiment journey to embrace your primal body wisdom and prepare for a gentle and easeful birth with sensuality and pleasure as your guide. Nisha will draw on her experience in birth education, women’s Tantric yoga, birth attendance as doula, bodywork, counselling, Somatic Experiencing® & birth hypnosis to support you with a deeply felt sense of trust in the instinctual realm of birth. Over the six weeks, you will learn to combine a unique mix of mind-body approaches which have proven to be highly effective in preparing for conscious and even ecstatic birth.

The 6 x 2-hour classes will involve intuitive and guided movement to encourage your body to open for birth, processes to deepen somatic awareness, explorations of breath and vocalistion, birth hypnosis, labour simulation, a somatic birth rehearsal journey, self-reflection, visioning and other processes designed to instil supreme trust in the magic of your female body and increase your potential for an expansive birthing experience. Each class will include practices to support your “descent” into the primal territory of birth and encourage your baby into an optimal position for labour.

The themes for the six classes will include:

  • Connection To Self
  • The Instinctual Realm
  • Breath & Vocalisation
  • Physicality & Movement
  • Opening To Pleasure
  • Support & Celebration

Your dedication to this journey will open you to exciting realms that you may have never associated with birth. The cumulative impact will be that you find greater ease in surrendering to the power of birth and roaring your baby out into the world! The training will bring you closer to fulfilling your desires and intentions for the birth of your baby in terms of how you feel, no matter how the finer details play out. This way of moving through life from the “inside-out” can then be anchored to fully serve you for the rest of your days as woman and mother. Our class size will be strictly limited to ensure an intimate group container and a level of personal attention. It is recommended that you attend the series anytime from the second trimester of pregnancy. Please make it your responsibility to discuss any physical restrictions you may have in relation to gentle movement practices.

Online booking is essential to reserve your place. The price includes access to free birth hypnosis audios and weekly emails with links to resources, useful reminders & points for reflection.

$369 for 12 hours of class time, email support & birth hypnosis audios

Terms & Conditions: booking with payment ensures that your place is reserved for the entire series. Refunds are not permitted for any missed classes. Cancellation & full refund can be made no less than two weeks prior to the start of the series.

Enquiries: Nisha Gill ~ 0402 039 341

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Join the Pleasure revolution - a 5-day audio adventure to inject your everyday life with more pleasure!

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