Doula Birth Support

The imprint of birth can remain for a lifetime……..

……..both as a baby transitioning into the world, and as a birthing parent.

Pregnancy and birth are unique openings for birthing person to access the power of  their mind, body and spirit, well beyond anything they imagined possible, and to set themselves up with supreme trust in their own capacity for the next stage of their life’s journey.

I have experienced firsthand and witnessed the mind-body connection having a greater impact in the highly sensitive zone of birthing than at any other time in our lives.

The births of my own children were the most empowering moments of my life to date.

They were also profound journeys of courage, trust and surrender.

I am passionate about supporting mothers to slow down and awaken to their intuition and primal intelligence so that they can trust the birth of their baby to unfold as it needs to.

My vision is that birthing persons become fully informed about their choices and embrace the challenge to birth their babies peacefully so that they create the same ripple effect in the world.

I view the preparation of both partners for the transition through birth as a vital part of my service. During the pre-natal sessions we would clarity as a team how birth partners would like to be involved in pregnancy, birth and post-natally. The transformative power of birth can extend to relationships in a very special way when couples are willing to work closely together towards their common goals for their baby. My package can include a personalized sessions for partners which can be utilized for debriefing, counselling, trauma therapy or nurturing bodywork.

My commitment in the birthing space is to ensure that you both feel unconditionally supported on every level so that you navigate birth as far as possible from a place of evidence-based knowledge and trust, and that your wishes are respected by the birth team.

This will increase your potential for an uplifting, oxytocin-drenched birthing experience no matter the finer details of your baby’s birth.

Doula support at birth is included in my comprehensive and holistic perinatal packages. I weave in my experience and knowledge as an holistic practitioner of several modalities from counselling, trauma therapy, bodywork, birth education, feminine embodiment, birth education and birth hypnosis into the way in which I would support you in labour and birth.

Each session is tailored to meet you and your partner wherever you may be in your understanding and preparation.

 Doula birth support that I offer includes:

  • Several pre-natal sessions, depending on package selected
  • Post-natal home visits
  • Between-session support
  • Being on 24-hour call from 38 weeks of your pregnancy for up to four weeks
  • Labour and birth support from the time of active labour to after the birth of your baby
  • The provision of a back-up doula, at no extra cost to you in the unlikely situation that I am not able to be present for birth

Depending on the focus, the sessions may be held in my practice rooms or at your home.

If in fact your baby arrives earlier than expected and there are pre-natal sessions remaining, these may be converted to extra post-natal sessions.

The pre-natal sessions normally cover one or combination of the following:

  • Discussing your readiness for birth and the gaps you would each like to close
  • Birth physiology, including the significance of obstetric intervention
  • Birth psychology, including pain dynamics
  • Nervous system regulation & resilience training for birth
  • Counselling or trauma resolution for specific issues
  • Your preferred mind-body tools for reducing anxiety & pain and promoting relaxation & the ‘trance of labour’ – breath, vocalisation, instinctual movement, sensuality, birth hypnosis, acupressure, etc.
  • Your shared birth vision and preferences
  • Birth politics and your rights as birthing parents
  • Bodywork for birth: pelvic awareness and balancing, including partner-facilitated stretches (Spinning Babies & Birthwork techniques)
  • Birth reherasal to increase confidence, with or without internal bodywork
  • Embodiment practices for accessing the primal & ecstatic elements of birth
  • Easing into the ‘fourth trimester’ and the oxytocin connection
  • Partner role and navigating the transition together
  • Breastfeeding
  • And more

The post-natal sessions are normally reserved for a combination of:

      • birth debrief within one week of birth
      • gentle tactile therapy to re-set nervous system and promote your recovery
      • specific counselling or trauma resolution if required
      • discussing specific issues around self-care, recovery, baby settlingsleeping, breastfeedingadjustment to parenthood, etc
      • referrals to other care providers, such as lactation consultants, paediatric chiropractors & others
      • Closing of the Bones ritual anytime from two weeks post-natally (see post-natal section on this website)

Two to three pre-natal sessions are reserved for pregnancy & birth-readiness massage and birth bodywork.

Another is dedicated to your partner as a two-hour session of nurturing bodywork and an opportunity to check in about any concerns in relation to how best to support you and your baby in pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester.

The initial post-natal home visit is designed for birth debrief so that you mine all of the positives from your experience as you move forward in your life with your newborn baby.  Other elements can be woven into subsequent sessions as listed above to facilitate a smooth transition and maximum support at this critical time of your baby’s life. 

My aim would be to help you develop your parenting instincts so that you begin life with your new baby feeling calm and confident.

The Closing of the Bones ritual can be offered in an additional post-natal session if desired.

As part of your preparation and education you would have acceess to my extensive library of books, DVDs and other resources related to pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

It is always a deep honour for me to be invited into this intimate and sacred place of transition as a celebration of bringing new life into the world.

If you would like more information, book a free 20-minute discovery session to explore your options.

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