Be the Source of Your Own Pleasure

A free 5-day journey to unleash your pleasure potential.

Dearest Woman

Do you know that you already are the source of your own bliss as a woman?
That your female physiology is hard-wired for pleasure?

This is a special invitation for you to join me on a 5-day journey of tapping into the wells of pleasure contained within you – to carve out some special time and meet progressively deeper layers of yourself as you move from sensation awareness through to the cultivation of pleasure simply by being fully present and receptive in your beautiful body.
Sadly, the innocence of our simple pleasure through slowing down and tuning in to the aliveness of our bodies has been taken away from us by many centuries of distortions around the sanctity of our bodies and our sensuality.

There may also be for some women a level of resistance to placing awareness within and being present to the sensations and feelings held in their bodies due to past disempowering or traumatic experiences.

And add to this that our focus is so often on our external reality as we don’t feel good about ourselves unless we are constantly doing, doing, and doing more! So many of us have forgotten how to just be with ourselves and mine the diamonds waiting there for us.

This 5-day journey is a gentle introduction to experiencing your body in a whole new way via a series of guided practices on audio.  

It is an invitation to create your own safe sanctuary as you slow right down and become intricately aware of places of constriction versus ease and expansion, learn tools for bringing calm, transmuting pain and discomfort, and expanding pleasure in your body.

These practices are designed to familiarise you with the language of feeling and sensation as opposed to your thoughts and narratives.


This is the instinctual aspect of you which is often more accurate in knowing how to respond to life and where your true boundaries lie than your thinking brain would have you believe.

Meeting your feelings as changeable sensations in your body can help you move through the sense of feeling stuck in your circumstances and will be a useful lifelong skill to acquire.

Many shifts can occur in the directions you desire when you are able to trust, relax and open to new possibilities.



And this instinctual part of you is also responsible for sensing and amplifying pleasure in your body.


The techniques used will rely on combinations of focussed awareness, breath, vocalisation, touch, instinctual movement and visualisation, and are supported by neurobiological research into the parasympathetic nervous system response.

This process of gradually becoming more present in your body is also excellent preparation for meeting your primal power and opening to ecstasy in birth. You can engage in these gentle practices at any stage of your pregnancy.

The 5-day journey will be just a taste of what’s possible. It can take quite some time to unravel a lifetime of conditioning into a new way of being, so practice, patience and persistence will be necessary. The audios will be available for download to allow you deepen your connection with your body in your own time.

I do hope you’ll join me on this luscious journey of self-discovery!

With gratitude to some of my inspirational teachers who have generously shared a variety of these simple but powerful tools to adapt for teaching the women I serve:

Devashi Shakti of Sacred Female Medicine

Ariel Giaretto of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Jenny Blyth of Birthwork 

Sheila Kamara Hay of Ecstatic Birth

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