Embody Woman Journey (trauma edition 2)

nurturing your resilience & sensual expansion

Intro Session:

Sunday 1:00pm to 5:00pm,
11 July, 2021


Sundays 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm,
fortnightly 15 August to 10 October, 2021

The Bunya Room,  Habitat Centre For Spirituality, 2 Mimosa Street, Hawthorn , Victoria

Bookings close 4 July for the Intro session; 1 August for the Journey

Do you want to be part of an intimate community of like-minded, compassionate others as you navigate the impact of trauma?


Are you ready to be held and witnessed within a deep container of safety as you unravel from ways that no longer serve you?


Would you like to embody tools for regulating your nervous system on an ongoing basis?

Are you longing to access greater levels of feeling, sensation and pleasure in your exquisite female body?


Would you like to benefit from a sense of belonging and the collective wisdom of other women who are on a parallel journey with trauma?


Are you willing to commit to a more grounded, sensual and confident version of yourself? 

  If you responded with a Yes to some of these questions, then you may want to consider joining this series of sessions over ten weeks. They will be geared towards those who identify as female and have a history of trauma, no matter the origin.


This 5 x 4-hour sessions of gentle female embodiment practices, trauma education, group sharing, and fostering community is especially designed for you as woman addressing the legacy of trauma in your life, your body, and your relationships. 

Trauma has a knack of disrupting our ability to be fully present in our intricate bodies.

It can often turn our bodies into war zones of sorts where we experience a distinct feeling of brokeness. 

This can lead to anxiety, tension, numbness, pain, shame, guilt, low libido, low self-worth, adrenal depletion, isolation and other undesirable states. 

It is no wonder then that our feelings and pleasurable sensations can become elusive, and this in turn can impact the way in which we relate to ourselves, our loved ones and our intimate partners. 


The journey will comprise of fortnightly sessions of four hours.  Each session will include time for checking in to the circle, ninety minutes of embodiment practices, nourishing snacks and time to connect, self-reflective processes on trauma themes, information sharing and discussion around a specific trauma-related topic, and Facebook follow-up on the fortnight’s theme.  It is highly recommended that you experience the stand-alone introductory session on 11 July

The topics that to be explored over the course of the ten weeks may include:

* creating a safe container *

* somatic regulation tools *  

* what it means to be embodied * 

* your personal protective survival patterns *  

* your management or coping strategies *  

* feelings, emotions & narratives *  

* how your early attachment dynamics may show up in relationships *  

* body connection, sensuality & sexuality * 

* instinctual boundaries * 

* the impact of trauma on your health and wellbeing * 

* your inherent personal resources *

* building your tribe * 

  and a whole lot more.


In curating this journey, we have drawn directly from my work at the intersection of trauma, sexual embodiment, bodywork, and the perinatal continuum. Kavita will add art and psychotherapy perspectives to the activities during sessions. 


These practices are taught with my own embodied understanding of the untapped power of our female sexual energy in fueling our health, wellbeing and connection to a greater reality.

 They are underpinned by a combination of somatic approaches to trauma and the Polyvagal Theory relating to how we as human mammals respond to challenge and stress; attachment psychology;

Sacred Female Yoga, Taoist, Tantric and women’s mysteries practices;  the Non Linear Movement Method;  the psoas wisdom of Liz Koch; Ecstatic Birth training; and my experience of offering intimate group spaces for women over the past eight years. 

When practised in a trauma-informed way where the mantras “less is more” and “slower is faster” are truly honoured, these subtle but potent practices can create new pathways in your body to access the rich resources that have always been inherent in your female physiology.

 The female embodiment practices I teach are designed to:

  • stabilize your nervous system and build its capacity 

  • unhook you from worn out, conditioned ways of thinking and being

  • let go of barriers to deeper connection with yourself and others

  • re-connect you to your sensuality and sexuality in gentle but powerful ways
  • help you authentically feel and safely express your emotions so that they don’t accumulate as body symptoms

  • cultivate greater vitality and freedom in your body
  • balance your hormones

  • help access your true Yes and No, speak your truth with confidence, and hone your instinctual boundaries

  • highlight the resources that are freely available to you through your body and your connection to the natural world

  • offer you a regular way of loving yourself up and filling your cup so that this becomes a non-negotiable aspect of your life going forward

  • clarify your desires, your choices, and your life’s purpose

  The fortnightly four-hour sessions will be a rich oasis in which to be held by the presence of other like-hearted women where you give yourself space and full permission to reconnect with deeper layers of your being as you replenish your energy.


We are wired for inter-dependence rather than independence as human mammals and were never meant to do this thing called life in isolation!  When women come together in circle with open-heartedness and the intention of self-nurturing, a deep resonance of connection and support is palpable that is beyond words and individuals.


This unconditional holding is then transportable to your life outside the oxytocin-drenched den for more sustained feelings of wellbeing and resilience.  And the ripples of your self-nourishment will no doubt extend to others in your realm.


The number attending this series will be limited to facilitate a sense of safety and personal attention.  In order to qualify you must have experienced 1:1 therapy for trauma with me or at the very least booked in a free discovery call to dicuss your needs and sensitivities. While the space is held for uncomfortable feelings and sensations to arise, the classes are not designed for unpacking your personal trauma or taking the place of individual therapy.  Please read the Terms & Conditions below carefully before you enroll.


Email nisha@feminineinstincts.com.au with any questions you may have prior to making your committment. 


Here’s what other women have to say about working with Nisha:

“I’ve worked with Nisha in 1:1 somatic therapy for trauma and was keen to experience more feeling and pleasure in my body. The embodiment practices she taught fast-tracked my therapy and helped me feel safe and alive in my body in ways I was not expecting. I want to say to every woman I meet:  Don’t under-estimate the power of gentle and slow!!!”

~ Rani, 39

“For many months after our baby’s birth, our sex life was almost non-existent and this was driving a wedge between us. More than the sleep deprivation, my body felt inert and would shut down when my partner approached me sexually in the way he used to pre-baby. I felt broken and despairing when I came across Nisha’s holistic work with women’s sexuality. We included movement, breath and other practices which helped me inhabit my body in ways that felt safe and luscious. The process has lifted the pressure I had put on myself to ‘fix’ my body. I can now enjoy my body sensations just for me, and sense into my Yes and No without making either of us wrong. It’s opened up a deeper exploration of sexuality with my partner, and I am so very grateful for that ”

~ Suzie 34

Having worked 1:1 and in group sessions with Nisha, I jumped at the chance to commit to the Embody Woman Series!   Nisha creates a space that is safe, warm and welcoming.  Before the series, I didn’t realise just how much I was not listening to my body, and as we moved through each session I received such wonderful insight into myself.  By the end, I felt a strong sense of being me again.  I know I can drop into any of the practices whenever that disconnect starts to show up and feel that sense of grounding, wholeness and that I am worthy of all that I want for myself.

~ Kerry, 38

Commitment to the entire series is required in order to experience the cumulative effects the classes and build upon the sense of safety and intimacy of the group container.   

You will be invited to join a private Facebook group for further education, support and interaction where the dialogue in relation to trauma and embodiment can be continued. 

No prior experience in yoga is necessary as the movements are gentle with a focus on moving from the “inside-out” to your own comfort level. It is desirable but not essential that you are able to sit cross-legged on padded flooring. 

Feel free to book a complimentary 20-minute ‘phone or Zoom chat to gauge if this offering is the right fit for you:  

      Your Facilitators

Nisha Gill works holistically at the intersection of trauma, counselling, women’s sensual & sexual embodiment, bodywork, and birth. She has led women in embodiment circles since 2013 and creates trauma-sensitive spaces for those with special needs.  Nisha has incorporated these embodiment practices as a key piece in supporting women through transitions such as trauma, health challenges, grief and loss, the perinatal journey, and menopause.

Kavita Gill has a keen interest in mental, emotional and spiritual health. Her lived experience has guided her to inquire into the ways we can (re)connect with ourselves and others. Formally, Kavita has studied this through psychology, therapeutic arts and currently through psychotherapy. Kavita brings a person-centred approach with the intention of holding a safe space for others to be seen and heard. Her capacity to be present to others in this way is supported through her own creative and meditative practices.



Sundays, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

11 July – Intro Session 

15 August

29 August

12 September

26 September

10 October 


Intro Session – $199 

Journey – $999

or 2 x $533 intallments


Bookings close 4 July for Intro session; 1 August for the Journey.

Terms and Conditions

Enrolling for the series confirms that you have read, understood and agree to the T&C outlined below:


          Safety & Wellbeing

  • You will be responsible for your own wellbeing during the classes and duration of the series.
  • While all care is taken to provide a safe-enough space, Nisha Gill cannot be held liable for any adverse reactions in response to your group participation.
  • You will communicate any concerns to Nisha prior to the series if you have physical or psychological health challenges which may impact upon your participation.
  • You will move your body to your own comfort level and adhere to any specific modifications that are recommended e.g. for limited range of movements, physical injuries, pregnancy.
  • Traumatic memories can sometimes surface during or after the states of deep relaxation that you may experience from engaging in the practices.  If this is should occur, you are confident about supporting yourself or seeking professional help as required.
  • If you are currently unable to care for yourself in groups and maintain clear interpersonal boundaries, or experience distressing dissociation, psychosis, or extreme mood states, then this class series is not suitable for you at present.


          Cancellations & Refunds

  • Booking with payment ensures that your place is reserved for the entire series.
  • Cancellations up to ten days prior to the series will be refunded the amount paid minus a $15 handling fee.
  • No refunds will be available from 5 August 2021.



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