Ecstatic Birth Sessions

Transcendence through the portal of birth.

Childbirth has the potential for intense and life-changing physical, emotional, spiritual pleasure.

This is the exact opposite of the fear and pain with which it is associated in our times.

And yet, when approached consciously, birth holds infinite possibilities along the spectrum of empowerment to orgasm.

Similar to running a marathon, the notion of ecstatic birth does not in any way imply that birth will not be intense, challenging, or even painful.

But, when you are present to the entire experience with a deep sense of trust and surrender, and the strong energies of birth are not met with resistance, they pave the way for blissful, expansive and transcendent experiences.

Can you imagine welcoming your baby with this divine imprint of love and bliss? 

 When used as a birthing tool pleasure on all levels can also increase the flow of “ecstatic birth hormones” to jump-start labour or make it more efficient.

It can be sourced externally such as through cuddling, eye gazing, nurturing touch, nipple stimulation, clitoral stimulation, sex, orgasm, laughter, singing, vocalisation, instinctual movement, dancing, music and warm water, to name a few options.

Or, the source of your pleasure can be internal, meaning that you may consciously learn to open to the current of orgasmic pleasure available within your body and access it in birth.

This ability is usually cultivated over time through feminine embodiment practices such as those shared in the Primal Mama series, Pleasure Journey or Pelvic Embodiment Sessions.


The Ecstatic Birth Sessions are similar to the Pelvic Embodiment Sessions but with a focus on incorporating pleasure into birth via your sensuality and sexuality to boost oxytocin levels, promoting a more efficient labour and increasing the possibility of ecstasy in birth.

The sessions are suitable from around 34 weeks of your pregnancy.

They are offered as special 3-hour sessions which include:

  • A discussion around your intentions for incorporating pleasure in birth
  • Becoming clear about the factors that enhance your pleasure
  • Exploring tools for your sensual expansion and cultivating orgasmic energy
  • Creating a sacred space for the session
  • Setting your intentions for the session
  • Sensual full body massage
  • Internal bodywork
  • Debrief and setting your intentions for birth
  • Closing ritual

The sessions are conducted in an entirely trauma-sensitive way, and your full verbal consent is sought at every step throughout the session.

As well as exploring your body’s capacity for pleasure, the aim of the sessions is to facilitate intimate awareness of your pelvic area for birth. Any tension held in specific pelvic muscles and ligaments can also be addressed to promote a favourable position of your baby for birth.

The Ecstatic Birth Sessions are a uniquely empowering approach to birth preparation and appeal to very particular women.

    Are you one of them?

If so, I invite you to book a free 20-minute discovery session to explore the possibility of an Ecstatic Birth Session for yourself.

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