Serving you in your unique transformation

whether you’re birthing a baby, or a new version of yourself in the wake of trauma

I  work as an holistic wellbeing and peri-natal practitioner.
And I’m passionate about supporting women to experience their potency through the profound wisdom of their bodies.

My holistic offerings include the following:

Trauma & Anxiety Resolution

With a combination of Somatic Experiencing®, Somatic Practice, counselling and bodywork, I offer trauma resolution for a range of issues such as birth traumas, pre- and peri-natal trauma, sexual trauma, medical, surgical and anaesthesia trauma, and other traumas related to specific life events.

This mind-body approach is also highly beneficial for reducing anxiety in pregnancy, birth, post-natally,                         or at any other stage of life.

Learn more about Trauma & Anxiety Resolution here


Bodywork for Birth

I offer tailored approaches to peri-natal and general bodywork, including pregnancy massage, induction massages, bodywork in labour, postpartum bodywork to support recovery and address a range of symptoms, pelvic balancing and awareness training for birth, birth rehearsal sessions, Ecstatic Birth Bodywork Sessions, integrative bodywork, lomilomi massage and Pelvic Embodiment Sessions for women.

Learn more about my Bodywork for Birth Services here


Birth Education
As a childbirth educator andfeminine embodiment teacher, I tailor birth preparation for couples via a choice of packages. From time to time I also offer small group learning in the form of class series and workshops.

Learn more about my Birth Education Services here


Doula Birth Support
Continuous and attuned support through pregnancy and birth have been linked to reduced levels of obsetetric intervention, higher levels of breastfeeding, and positive experiences of childbirth.

Learn more about my Doula Birth Support Services here



                          In the postpartum or “fourth trimester”, I offer gentle bodywork to aid recovery and address specific pelvic symptoms, nervous system regulation, birth debriefing, counselling, trauma healing, and the Closing of the Bones ritual.

These services can be arranged as home visits.

Learn more about my Postnatal Services here


Feminine Embodiment

With my background in Somatic Experiencing, women’s Tantric yoga, Ecstatic Birth training, intravaginal bodywork, Lomilomi bodywork & bodywork for birth, I offer specialised trauma-infromed bodywork sessions known as Pelvic Embodiment Sessions for women in general, and Ecstatic Birth Bodywork Sessions for women in pregnancy.

Learn more about my Feminine Embodiment Services here

Whether preparing for birth and motherhood, immersed in the post-natal years, or dealing with anxiety and trauma, there is much to be gained by being intimately connected with the intelligence of our sublime female bodies so that they work for us and not against us.

In our busy lives we are often so disconnected from our bodies that they simply become vehicles for transporting our heads full of thoughts, concepts and ideas from one place to another!

We become oblivious to their subtle and often not-so-subtle signals and fail to fully harness their magic.

Our rational thinking minds may serve us well in many parts of our lives, but it is the instinctual realm of our bodies where I believe our true power resides.

       Instincts are often highly accurate in assessing what’s going on in our lives, defining our true boundaries and how we can best respond in situations.

And our bodies and emotions often tell stories of their own, quite different to those that our minds do.

When we listen closely to them, we can unravel repeating patterns, tensions and traumas in a gentle way.

But more often than not, we override our body’s messages with our logical reasoning, old grooves of behaviour and the need to conform socially.

We are mammals at our core with intricate nervous systems that are pleasure-seeking and threat-averse.
If you are curious to find out more, call for a free 20-minute discovery session to see if this is for you
When all of our stories, beliefs and emotions which cause contraction in our bodies can be reduced to feelings and sensations that can be transformed without harsh narratives, life can become a lot more manageable.
The fear of birth or motherhood, the pain perceived in birth, the anxiety or numbing related to a past traumatic experience can all be read in the body as changeable sensations resulting from nervous system fluctuations.
And in doing so, the sting can be taken right out of them to open up new experiences for us and highlight our true capacity.
Then add to that those ways of cultivating greater pleasure and feelings of expansion in our bodies.

The possibilities truly are endless!

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing many dedicated and courageous women access their deep primal wisdom and transform through birth or through resolving trauma.

It is nothing short of magic to hear a woman start pregnancy anxiously with a whimper and emerge triumphant from birth with a roar!

Or to facilitate sustained states of flow and resilience in someone who has struggled with the legacy of trauma.

Through my personal journey with post-natal anxiety and other health issues, I’ve learnt that every small act of self-nurturing and honouring my body’s instinctual messages and cycles takes me a step closer to longer lasting feelings of vibrant aliveness.

And know that the same is entirely possible for you!!!

If you are curious to find out more, call for a free 20-minute discovery session to see if this is for you

You’ll know that you’re in the right place here if you……

  • want to discover the instinctual intelligence of your body, in birth and in life
  • are excited about the transformative power of birth
  • would like a felt sense of calm and clarity as you release self-doubt and anxiety in pregnancy, birth & parenthood
  • want to experience greater aliveness, balance & flow through resolving trauma and anxiety
  • believe that newborn babies are highly sensitive & aware beings and how they enter the world really matters
  • would like to explore the possibility of an expansive if not ecstatic birthing experience
  • gravitate to holistic and complementary approaches to wellbeing and birth preparation
  • would like to learn tools which help you access the primal zone of birth where your instincts can work their magic
  • view your sensuality and sexuality as potent birthing tools as well as portals to transcendent states
  • value a tailored professional approach & a “one-stop shop” for a variety of your pregnancy, birth & post-natal needs
  • believe that your self-care and wellbeing are not negotiable and directly impact those close to you
  • are willing to take responsibility for the changes you desire in your life
So whether you’re birthing a baby or a new version of yourself, I can offer you some tailored and highly effective tools to make a difference.

Their flavour is primal and often hands-on with the aim of connecting you to your own somatic wisdom.

My offerings are delivered in a suburban Melbourne sanctuary where the pace is slow and gentle, the atmosphere calming, and the experience one of being utterly nourished on all levels.

It’s a place where you can fully trust, lay down your burdens, and be safely seen, heard and held.  

And it is from here that you can access your peaceful core and invite the possibility of greater aliveness in your being.


Are you ready to get started?

Choosing Nisha to be our doula was one of the most enlightened decisions we made. Having her support in the lead up to birth, during labour and in the weeks following the arrival of our daughter was invaluable. Nisha’s heart and soul are in her work. Her love, sensibility and intuition helped me to tap into my feminine power and climb the mountain that is labour and birth. It was Nisha’s wise whispers of encouragement during labour that helped me find my strength and self-belief to keep going and birth my angel girl exactly as I’d envisaged.


I have known Nisha for several years and am amazed at the serenity I
experience in sessions. Nisha has wonderful gifts from the healing arts. She is exceptionally intuitive in her counselling and has helped me to trust in myself. Through Somatic Experiencing and bodywork we have begun to unravel trauma that I have been carrying heavily for over four decades. Nisha is a truly gifted healer.


Nisha's loving and nurturing touch is a treasure to experience whilst
pregnant and is quite unlike many other pregnancy massages I've experienced. Nisha goes far and beyond to ensure you leave feeling relaxed and completely nurtured.


Primal Mama provided the space for me to go exactly where I felt called to in my birth preparation - out of my head and into my body, pleasure and primal nature and birthing instincts. Such valuable places to connect with as I prepare to birth my first child, particularly these days with so much information bombarding birthing women and keeping us in our thinking mind.
Thank you, Nisha for offering this space!

I was immediately drawn to the Birthing Bliss retreat day for it’s
physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual content. Nisha brings a great range of credentials and experience, and her passion for women’s work, natural warmth and openness made me feel safe and confident in the space.

Nisha took us on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment while nurturing our intuition and primal instincts. It was a perfect mixture of learning practical techniques, expressing feelings, deep relaxation and connecting with other like-minded mothers. An extremely valued experience that I wish I’d found in my first pregnancy.

I would highly recommend this day to all women no matter how they plan to birth. They will definitely take something special from it.


At five months of my pregnancy, I took the time to nurture myself and my growing belly and was so thankful I did.

My experience with Nisha was lush, gentle, loving and attentive – all the things an aching, pregnant body needs.

To say I was completely moosh after the session is an understatement.


The experience was unlike any other bodywork I’ve tried before. It touched and uplifted me on emotional, physical and energetic levels. The impact remained for some days after.

Nisha has an unquestionable gift as a bodyworker and counsellor. Her knowledge, commitment to her clients and passion for her work is evident in her presence.


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