I travel a path of continuous unfolding to
compassion and love.

I bring stillness, simplicity and sovereignty,
inspiring others to embrace their innate body wisdom
and power of choice in every moment.

~ Nisha Gill

The Invitation

Do you long to navigate your life with greater peace, clarity and purpose?

To melt away your cares with nurturing bodywork and other therapies?

To shift your energy and frame of reference when feeling stuck?

To open more fully to the abundance that life holds for you?

Or to increase your potential for the gentle, empowering and even ecstatic birth of your baby?

If you found these questions relevant to you, call to enquire about the session that would best suit your needs.

I offer a unique service combining tactile therapies, counselling and energy healing in a sanctuary-like space.

The pace is unhurried, the atmosphere calming, and the experience one of being totally nourished.

It is a place where you can trust, lay down your burdens, and feel truly seen heard, felt and held.

It is from here that you can access your peaceful core and invite

   the possibility of greater aliveness on all levels of your being.

My speciality is in assisting women to tap into their profound primal intelligence during pregnancy and childbirth

in order to pave the way for a joyful and expansive birthing experience and a positive start to the new phase of their lives.