Pelvic Embodiment Sessions

A woman’s pelvis is that sacred, mysterious and all-powerful place from which new life can flourish.


It is the seat of creation and creativity, of instinctual intelligence, and the powers of manifesting.

And it is a treasure trove of untapped potential for the deepest orgasmic bliss and profound states of transcendence.

For underneath all the layers of tension and holding, the natural state of the female body is that of vibrant aliveness with the purest current of nourishing, pleasurable energy that can flood every cell of her being when it flows freely.  

It is from her pelvic space that a woman’s true power and authentic voice arises.

Her deep ancient knowing.

Her sense of clear and unapologetic boundaries.

Her alignment with her purpose and the greater good, beyond roles and identities.

A Pelvic Embodiment Session is an invitation to explore and fully inhabit this delicate but powerful aspect of yourself as a woman. It is a space to awaken the full capacity of your exquisite female body, to release layers of long-held tension, to mobilise stagnant energy, and to begin healing from trauma, birth and other injuries.

This is offered through gentle tactile therapy which involves your whole body including your vagina. Clear professional boundaries are maintained to create a safe and grounded container where profound levels of healing can occur. Verbal consent is sought at every step of the way so that we move at the pace of your nervous system with a felt sense of trust, safety and relaxation.

It is a confidential and deeply honouring space for you to meet your authentic feelings and sensations without any fear of judgement.

It is not often that we allow ourselves to fully receive as women, and this is one such opportunity where the attention is solely on you.

Other than specific intentions you may bring to the session, we release all agendas as we explore the more subtle realms of your being through this core aspect of you as woman. Energetic or peak orgasm may inadvertently arise during a session but is not a goal that is chased.

As a trained trauma therapist I offer a safe place in which to gently re-negotiate past experiences of trauma and anxiety, no matter their source.

As women, we hold countless memories in the tissues of our pelvis  –  some uplifting and others downright traumatic.

These may be present as pain, numbness or tension.

In most cultural contexts over centuries, women’s genitals have been a source of deep shame and guilt. They have incited unwanted attention and major transgressions of boundaries by others. And so it follows that they may be a cause for fear, loathing and disconnection – within ourselves and of ourselves.

This then translates to disowning parts of our bodies and shutting down our life force as female humans.

As a result, our genitals may register a limited range of sensations, including pleasure. This is a typical picture of “trauma by a thousand cuts” which arguably most women experience simply by virtue of being born female.

Trauma may indeed be experienced due to a series of seemingly small moments:  anxiety during the birth of your baby, the less-than-delicate pap smear, the catcalls and predatory behaviour of others, the over-zealous or premature sexual penetrations.                                

Or it may be trauma with a capital T:  of rape or other sexual violations,
major birth trauma or birth injury.

Trauma can also manifest trans-generationally, and so as we heal ourselves we effectively also heal our female ancestral lineage and our daughters of their wounding.

Are you curious about what to expect in a Pelvic Embodiment Session?

Prior to booking a session we would connect briefly by phone to answer any questions you may have and ensure that this is really for you.


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The power of a Pelvic Embodiment Session is not to be under-estimated!

Shifts subtle or not-so-subtle can continue to occur on many levels of your being for quite a number of days following a session. Most women report feeling more grounded and in their bodies, energised, lighter and more magnetic.

Sessions can sometimes induce feelings of tiredness which is usually a sign of toxins being released into your body for clearing as you let go of the bracing in the tissues of your pelvis. It may also reflect to you that you’ve been pushing too hard and travelling on overdrive. 

A single session will acts as a circuit-breaker and starting point in what could be a wondrous journey of self-discovery, healing and empowerment. Packages are available to make this possibility more affordable for you. If significant trauma is unearthed, it may be preferable to first opt for sessions of trauma therapy to specifically address the symptoms of trauma and create safety and capacity outside of the context of pelvic bodywork.

There are particular women who are ready for this level of bodywork.


  • want to fully embrace your sexual sovereignty and dispel any shame or guilt around sexuality
  • want to experience more sensation and aliveness inside your vagina
  • want to awaken your orgasmic potential
  • want to shift old habits of self-pleasuring that are limiting
  • want to explore energetic orgasm
  • want to feel more connected to the power of your womb and vagina
  • want to practise a felt sense of boundaries in relation to your body and sexuality
  • are at the final stages of healing from sexual trauma
  • are pregnant, and are curious about your internal space and the capacity your body holds for pleasure
  • pelvic balancing for pregnancy, birth and post-natally
  • want to prepare your body for the potential of ecstatic and orgasmic birth
  • want to reclaim your womb and vagina during transitions post-natally, through menopause or following the end of a relationship
  • want to engage in an holistic approach to scar tissue remediation, addressing vaginismus and other genital pain or discomfort, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary or faecal leakage, anal fissures, tight pelvic floor muscles and more
  • understand that our bodies hold layers of untold stories in the form of pelvic tension
  • are open to being touched in an intimate but non-sexual way by a practitioner
  • take responsibility for your own healing and empowerment

As we haven’t yet recreated the Goddess Temples of the past where this woman-to-woman transmission was the norm, it would be natural to have a distinct reaction to the notion of a Pelvic Embodiment Session!

It may be one of curiosity, excitement, anxiety, self-judgement, overwhelm, guilt, shame or a mixture of these. An initial ‘phone conversation is therefore an essential first step to knowing if a session is right for you.

A Pelvic Embodiment Session is a gift to yourself as a woman and can be received at any age or stage of life including the final six weeks of pregnancy where it is modified to avoid the area of your cervix.  The only circumstances that would preclude you from a session are if you have an active STI or full blown sexual or birth trauma.  In the latter situation, a course of trauma-specific therapy is recommended to build a sense of safety and capacity in your body before specifically approaching your pelvic area.

If you would like a free 20-minute discovery session to explore the possibility of a Pelvic Embodiment Session, click the button below to make an appointment for a chat by phone.

Choosing Nisha to be our doula was one of the most enlightened decisions we made. Having her support in the lead up to birth, during labour and in the weeks following the arrival of our daughter was invaluable. Nisha’s heart and soul are in her work. Her love, sensibility and intuition helped me to tap into my feminine power and climb the mountain that is labour and birth. It was Nisha’s wise whispers of encouragement during labour that helped me find my strength and self-belief to keep going and birth my angel girl exactly as I’d envisaged.

- Bianca

I have known Nisha for several years and am amazed at the serenity I
experience in sessions. Nisha has wonderful gifts from the healing arts. She is exceptionally intuitive in her counselling and has helped me to trust in myself. Through Somatic Experiencing and bodywork we have begun to unravel trauma that I have been carrying heavily for over four decades. Nisha is a truly gifted healer.

- Tammy

Nisha's loving and nurturing touch is a treasure to experience whilst
pregnant and is quite unlike many other pregnancy massages I've experienced. Nisha goes far and beyond to ensure you leave feeling relaxed and completely nurtured.

- Laura

Primal Mama provided the space for me to go exactly where I felt called to in my birth preparation - out of my head and into my body, pleasure and primal nature and birthing instincts. Such valuable places to connect with as I prepare to birth my first child, particularly these days with so much information bombarding birthing women and keeping us in our thinking mind.
Thank you, Nisha for offering this space!

- Kristan

I was immediately drawn to the Birthing Bliss retreat day for it’s physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual content. Nisha brings a great range of credentials and experience, and her passion for women’s work, natural warmth and openness made me feel safe and confident in the space.

Nisha took us on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment while nurturing our intuition and primal instincts. It was a perfect mixture of learning practical techniques, expressing feelings, deep relaxation and connecting with other like-minded mothers. An extremely valued experience that I wish I’d found in my first pregnancy.

I would highly recommend this day to all women no matter how they plan to birth. They will definitely take something special from it.


At five months of my pregnancy, I took the time to nurture myself and my growing belly and was so thankful I did.

My experience with Nisha was lush, gentle, loving and attentive – all the things an aching, pregnant body needs.

To say I was completely moosh after the session is an understatement.

- Sarah

The experience was unlike any other bodywork I’ve tried before. It touched and uplifted me on emotional, physical and energetic levels. The impact remained for some days after.

Nisha has an unquestionable gift as a bodyworker and counsellor. Her knowledge, commitment to her clients and passion for her work is evident in her presence.

- Charlotte

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