Are you pregnant and preparing for the birth of your baby?


No matter if this is your first or fifth baby, it is a wildly exciting time. 

And often quite daunting!

There is no other time in your life when you can harness your superpower as a woman more intensely than in pregnancy and birth.

It’s also a huge time of change and adjustment on all levels of your being:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Pregnancy and birth are a time-limited opportunity to redefine who you are in the world in whatever way you choose.

To step into the unknown territory of birth with courage and clear intentions as you discover your own strength and magnificence.

I truly believe in the exquisite power of our female bodies to birth our babies with relative ease.

And I have experienced and witnessed firsthand the transcendent nature of birth.

Whether you plan to birth at home, in a hospital or elsewhere, there are times along the way you will need the right kind of support towards realising your vision for your baby’s birth.

At this sensitive time, it’s important to have the right fit of people for your needs, personality and birth philosophy.

Continuity of care is also a big plus as a special kind of intimacy is likely to grow with your caregivers during your journey from pregnancy through to the “fourth trimester”.

My holistic approach to pregnancy and birth ensures that you can receive guidance and practical support for a variety of your needs from early pregnancy right through the early months and years of your baby’s life.

My service covers a full range and can target numerous needs at the one time.

For example, massage and bodywork are never just about your physical body but will also balance your emotions and energy body at the same time.

Similarly, as a birth educator and doula, I would cover as many aspects of your pregnancy and birth journey and offer you and your partner a variety of holistic tools to explore and make your own.

I pride myself on my extensive professional experience, holistic approach, flexibility and attuned presence in all that I offer.

So if you’re looking for 1:1 sessions, 2:1 sessions, classes or workshops,
I can meet you wherever you are in your preparation journey.

If you’re curious to find out more, call for a free 20-minute discovery session to see if this is for you

My primary aim will be to reflect back to you your sublime nature as Woman and Mother


Primal Mama Series

Embody Woman Series

There are however particular kinds of clients whom I can best support.
  • believe that newborn babies are highly sentient beings and how they enter the world really matters
  • believe that your self-care in pregnancy is your number one priority
  • want to work with your powerful body intelligence for a felt sense of confidence in birth
  • would like the continuous support of a doula in labour and birth from someone you get to know and trust over time
  • are willing to examine and resolve any fears and anxieties you may have around birth and parenthood
  • are keen for a variety of natural birth tools such as bodywork, directed breathing, vocalisation, movement, change of position & manouevres, birth hypnosis, massage & acupressure
  • would like to learn tools which help you access the primal zone and your vast reserves in birth
  • would like to explore the possibility of an expansive if not ecstatic birthing experience
  • are excited by the transformative power of holistic birth preparation
  • would like to feel vibrant and at ease in your body by addressing symptoms such as muscle aches, fluid retention and insomnia via massage & bodywork
  • want to encourage an optimal position of your baby for birth through external & internal bodywork, partner-facilitated stretches, and helpful postures and movements
  • have a partner who is keen to be involved in pregnancy, birth & beyond in a very hands-on way
  • have a history of trauma or anxiety, especially related to birth or sexuality
  • value a tailored professional approach & a “one-stop shop” for a variety of your pregnancy, birth and post-natal needs
  • would like flexible appointment times including after-hours options
If this sounds like you, I invite you to book a free 20-minute discovery session
to see if we’re a good fit to working together.

Choosing Nisha to be our doula was one of the most enlightened decisions we made. Having her support in the lead up to birth, during labour and in the weeks following the arrival of our daughter was invaluable. Nisha’s heart and soul are in her work. Her love, sensibility and intuition helped me to tap into my feminine power and climb the mountain that is labour and birth. It was Nisha’s wise whispers of encouragement during labour that helped me find my strength and self-belief to keep going and birth my angel girl exactly as I’d envisaged.

- Bianca

I have known Nisha for several years and am amazed at the serenity I
experience in sessions. Nisha has wonderful gifts from the healing arts. She is exceptionally intuitive in her counselling and has helped me to trust in myself. Through Somatic Experiencing and bodywork we have begun to unravel trauma that I have been carrying heavily for over four decades. Nisha is a truly gifted healer.

- Tammy

Nisha's loving and nurturing touch is a treasure to experience whilst
pregnant and is quite unlike many other pregnancy massages I've experienced. Nisha goes far and beyond to ensure you leave feeling relaxed and completely nurtured.

- Laura

Primal Mama provided the space for me to go exactly where I felt called to in my birth preparation - out of my head and into my body, pleasure and primal nature and birthing instincts. Such valuable places to connect with as I prepare to birth my first child, particularly these days with so much information bombarding birthing women and keeping us in our thinking mind.
Thank you, Nisha for offering this space!

- Kristan

I was immediately drawn to the Birthing Bliss retreat day for it’s physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual content. Nisha brings a great range of credentials and experience, and her passion for women’s work, natural warmth and openness made me feel safe and confident in the space.

Nisha took us on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment while nurturing our intuition and primal instincts. It was a perfect mixture of learning practical techniques, expressing feelings, deep relaxation and connecting with other like-minded mothers. An extremely valued experience that I wish I’d found in my first pregnancy.

I would highly recommend this day to all women no matter how they plan to birth. They will definitely take something special from it.


At five months of my pregnancy, I took the time to nurture myself and my growing belly and was so thankful I did.

My experience with Nisha was lush, gentle, loving and attentive – all the things an aching, pregnant body needs.

To say I was completely moosh after the session is an understatement.

- Sarah

The experience was unlike any other bodywork I’ve tried before. It touched and uplifted me on emotional, physical and energetic levels. The impact remained for some days after.

Nisha has an unquestionable gift as a bodyworker and counsellor. Her knowledge, commitment to her clients and passion for her work is evident in her presence.

- Charlotte

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