Birth Preparation & Education

Embody your primal birthing intelligence.

It can give you access to parts of yourselves as parents that you may have never glimpsed before.

I work with couples who want to fully engage the birthing process as a portal for growth and expansion.

The months leading up to the birth of your baby will call for dedicated preparation and often a steep learning curve, especially if you are new parents. If you already have other children, it may involve a birth refresher or filling in of learning gaps from your previous pregnancies. Your journey through this transition will be as unique as you are and deserves an approach which reflects this.

Drawing on my work as a birth educator, doula, bodyworker, trauma therapist and women’s embodiment facilitator, I bring a unique approach to meeting you where you need me to as a couple. Together, we work to promote a deeply felt sense of confidence for pregnancy, birth and the early days of your baby’s life.

In my Holistic Birth Readiness Package, we would together create a birth preparation plan to cover the topics and processes that would be most beneficial for your needs as a couple.

These may include:

  • Birth physiology, including the significance of obstetric intervention
  • Birth psychology, including pain dynamics and the impact of partners
  • Nervous system regulation & resilience training for birth
  • Counselling or trauma resolution for specific issues
  • Preferred mind-body tools for anxiety, pain and promoting relaxation and the ‘trance or labour’
  • Your birth vision and preferences
  • Birth politics and your rights
  • Pelvic awareness and balancing, including partner-facilitated stretches (Spinning Babies & Birthwork techniques)
  • Birth rehearsal to increase confidence, with or without internal bodywork
  • Embodiment practices for accessing the primal zone of birth
  • Easing into the ‘fourth trimester’ and the oxytocin connection
  • Partner role and navigating the transition together
  • Breastfeeding
  • And more

Some of the sessions may be utilised for bodywork or pregnancy massage if desired.

If you would like more information, book a free 20-minute discovery session to explore your options.

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