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A half-hour guided journey to connect with feelings of worthiness and self-love

Settling Your Nervous System

A settling and grounding audio track to help calm your nervous system.

5-Day Pleasure Journey

A gentle introduction to experiencing your body in a whole new way via a series of guided audio practices over 5 days.

Coming Home To Your Senses

A downloadable audio track to support you in re-setting and calming your nervous system.

Birth Readiness Reflection Guide

Take a deep dive into getting clearer about how ready you feel for the birth of your baby.

Sanctuary For Feelings

A fifteen-minute guided process to help you settle your nervous system and find some calm amidst the emotional storm that you may be experiencing.


Nisha has been featured in many podcasts and videos in the community. Listen to the podcasts below.

Navigating Trauma in Motherhood and Midlife

Navigating Trauma in Motherhood & Midlife

Kellie Stirling with Nisha GIll

Preparing for Birth & Parenthood - A Deep Dive

Helen Zee with Nisha GIll

Primal Birthing

Lindsey Curtis with Nisha Gill

Bringing Yourself Back into Your Body During and After Trauma

Doctor Erin Bowe with Nisha Gill

Holistic and Wellbeing for Perinatal and Trauma Healing

Pollination Mamas with Nisha Gill

From the Traumatic to the Ecstatic

Sheila Kamara Hay with Nisha GIll

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