Pregnancy Massage & Bodywork

Because birth is a body trip.

Throughout time, nurturing touch in the form of massage and bodywork have been used in most cultures to ease women through the demands of childbirth, labour and the post-natal period. They are safe and natural ways to significantly improve your wellbeing and confidence as a pregnant and birthing mother.

Women who follow their bodily instincts with trust and surrender are often more able to meet the challenges of birthing their babies. A deeply nurturing and holistic style of massage or bodywork can meet a range of needs in pregnant women, and the power of touch is not to be under-estimated!

My offerings include:

  • Pregnancy massage tailored to your highly specific needs throughout pregnancy
  • Pelvic balancing which may include partner-facilitated stretches (Spinning Babies & Birthwork techniques) and internal bodywork
  • Pelvic awareness training which may include muscle isolation, pelvic floor relaxation, directed breathing, perineal massage, and exploring your dynamic anatomy for birth
  • Birth rehearsal with combined with therapy for anxiety/ trauma and internal bodywork
  • Birth readiness massage – sensual and nurturing bodywork to turn up your oxytocin dial in the weeks leading up to birth
  • Somatic Resilience Session – to soothe and regulate your nervous system, reduce anxiety and optimize the state of your mind and body for birth 
  • Induction massage – similar to birth readiness massage but including specific stimulation of acupressure points for natural labour induction

Among the many benefits of massage and bodywork are:

  • Encouraging you to become more present in your body as you approach birth
  • Reducing tension in your body tissues to help you soften and open for birth
  • Helping re-set your nervous system to increase your threshold for stress 
  • Balancing of your pelvic muscles and ligaments to promote optimal position of baby for birth
  • Soothing your nervous system and promoting deep relaxation, surrender and trust in your body
  • Enhancing blood and lymphatic circulation to maximise nutrient delivery and elimination of toxins
  • Supporting healthy development of your baby
  • Decreasing muscle, ligament and joint pain, tension and cramping
  • Reducing nausea, swelling and headaches, and normalising blood pressure
  • Promoting deeper breathing
  • Improving sleep and general wellbeing
  • Increasing flexibility of muscles for birthing
  • Increasing pelvic awareness and opening for vaginal birth
  • Facilitating optimal recovery after baby’s birth
  • Promoting good milk supply and breastfeeding

In an holistic setting, massage and bodywork are often combined with other anchors such as pregnancy-safe essential oils, soothing music and energy healing to maximise relaxation effects.

It is highly recommended that massage and bodywork are offered by qualified therapists with a clear understanding of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth to ensure best practice for your specific needs in each trimester. This would include a detailed history of your pregnancy in an initial consultation and a review of any changes in subsequent sessions as your body adapts to your growing baby. Sessions are incorporated in the Holistic Birth Readiness and VIP Perinatal packages.

If you would like more information, you can contact me for a free 20-minute discovery session to explore your options.

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