So dear Mama

your precious little one is finally here

How does one ever absorb the miracle of new life?

An epic accomplishment on all levels.

Your body’s worked harder than ever before.

Your hormones have been on a huge roller coaster.

And it’s all so relentless!

There would be so many new and conflicting feelings alive in you.

Awe.  Inexplicable love. 

Against that, a sense of being on call twenty-five hours a day!

Half-eaten meals. And the cups of tea gone cold.

Oh, and sleep…..what’s that, you’re probably asking! 

Everything takes so much longer with a little one, doesn’t it?

Your body by necessity has had to slow right down.

All this while your mind is probably saying a whole other thing about what you “should” be “achieving” in a day.

This level of responsibility can be utterly overwhelming.

And being a mother of little ones can be a totally isolating experience in our culture.

So what are you doing to look after YOU?

Do you take three minutes, ten minutes or half an hour to fill your cup a little each day?

Do you even know what you need and what lights you up?

Believe me when I say that these words are not just clichés:

Happy mama, happy baby


You can’t pour from an empty cup

I have my own lived experience of these truths. Only, I learnt the hard way. And I wouldn’t want a similar path for you.

If there are ways I can help ease your mothering journey on any level – mind, body or soul – I am just a ‘phone call away.

  • If you are exhausted and need some time out to recharge, I can offer you deeply nourishing postnatal massage or bodywork and a gentle listening ear in your home. 
  • If there are aspects of your birth experience that have left you feeling sad, angry, anxious, numb or just not okay, I can help you find some peace and clarity through birth debriefing, counselling and specific therapy for trauma
  • If you would like a sense of celebrating and completing your pregnancy and birth journey and “returning” to your own energy and body, I can offer a Closing of the Bones ritual either at your home or in my practice. 
  • If you’re feeling like a “tune-up” and in need of nurturing company, I can offer you specialised Nourish: Women’s Embodiment classes to help you balance your hormones, recharge and enjoy connections with like-minded mothers.

All of this I can offer in a flexible way so that we work around your changing needs. Depending on your location, I could offer sessions in your home if it makes self-care a possibility for you.  So, if we’re a good fit I can help you find greater aliveness in your whole being, and more of you to share with your loved ones.

If you feel a resounding Yes to some overdue self-care, feel free to book a 20-minute exploratory session to work out ways of receiving the support you deserve

Choosing Nisha to be our doula was one of the most enlightened decisions we made. Having her support in the lead up to birth, during labour and in the weeks following the arrival of our daughter was invaluable. Nisha’s heart and soul are in her work. Her love, sensibility and intuition helped me to tap into my feminine power and climb the mountain that is labour and birth. It was Nisha’s wise whispers of encouragement during labour that helped me find my strength and self-belief to keep going and birth my angel girl exactly as I’d envisaged.


I have known Nisha for several years and am amazed at the serenity I
experience in sessions. Nisha has wonderful gifts from the healing arts. She is exceptionally intuitive in her counselling and has helped me to trust in myself. Through Somatic Experiencing and bodywork we have begun to unravel trauma that I have been carrying heavily for over four decades. Nisha is a truly gifted healer.


Nisha's loving and nurturing touch is a treasure to experience whilst
pregnant and is quite unlike many other pregnancy massages I've experienced. Nisha goes far and beyond to ensure you leave feeling relaxed and completely nurtured.


Primal Mama provided the space for me to go exactly where I felt called to in my birth preparation - out of my head and into my body, pleasure and primal nature and birthing instincts. Such valuable places to connect with as I prepare to birth my first child, particularly these days with so much information bombarding birthing women and keeping us in our thinking mind.
Thank you, Nisha for offering this space!

I was immediately drawn to the Birthing Bliss retreat day for it’s
physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual content. Nisha brings a great range of credentials and experience, and her passion for women’s work, natural warmth and openness made me feel safe and confident in the space.

Nisha took us on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment while nurturing our intuition and primal instincts. It was a perfect mixture of learning practical techniques, expressing feelings, deep relaxation and connecting with other like-minded mothers. An extremely valued experience that I wish I’d found in my first pregnancy.

I would highly recommend this day to all women no matter how they plan to birth. They will definitely take something special from it.


At five months of my pregnancy, I took the time to nurture myself and my growing belly and was so thankful I did.

My experience with Nisha was lush, gentle, loving and attentive – all the things an aching, pregnant body needs.

To say I was completely moosh after the session is an understatement.


The experience was unlike any other bodywork I’ve tried before. It touched and uplifted me on emotional, physical and energetic levels. The impact remained for some days after.

Nisha has an unquestionable gift as a bodyworker and counsellor. Her knowledge, commitment to her clients and passion for her work is evident in her presence.


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