Primal Mama: Embodied Birth Education


The Themes for the class include:

  • Connection To Self
  • The Instinctual Realm
  • Breath & Vocalisation
  • Physicality & Movement
  • Opening To Pleasure
  • Support & Celebration

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Birthing your baby will likely be one of the most profound experiences of your life as a woman. It can also be the most embodied and transformational. This can happen more easily when there is a high level of trust in the primal intelligence and subtle inner workings of your exquisite female body, for we are mammals even if we claim to be sophisticated twenty-first-century mamas!

Our lifestyle and the dominant birthing culture, on the other hand, promotes anything but trust and confidence in our instinctual capacity to birth. Many of us navigate our lives from the busyness of our minds and awareness on our external reality for the most part. It is then no wonder that a vast majority of women in Australia will hand over their autonomy to others in the birthplace and experience a less-than-joyful birth of their baby.

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