The 35-Week Freakout: Turning It Around

If at thirty-five weeks pregnant you realise that you haven’t done a whole heap of birth preparation, of all things, do not stress, Mama!

You still have time up your sleeve to do the most important thing, and that is to BE: be in your body. Fully IN your body.

So tick off your To Do list asap and then invite yourself there through your sensulaity, your sexuality, your pleasure. Cuddle a lot. Your family. Your pets. Whatever it takes. Feel how luscious your curves are. Revel in the miraculous job your body is doing to grow your baby.

Consider a sensual, nurturing massage to turn up your oxytocin dial. A photo shoot. Belly painting or henna.

Spend time in Nature. Let in the support of Mother Earth through the soles of your bare feet. Drink in her ancient wisdom.

Be 100% honest about any fears you might have around birth or parenthood. Articulate these to a trusted friend or professional. Seek support to re-negotiate previous birth experiences if you need to. Let in a felt sense of expanding easefulness in your body.

Do all it takes to feel good. Rested. Nourished. Assured in your birth choices. For yourself. For your baby. And for your whole family.

Call on the true support of your womanly tribe. Only those aligned with your vison of birth and motherhood. Celebrate your sacred rite of passage with these women. Honour their unconditional holding. Of you. Of your baby. Of your whole community.

Stop the scrolling and turn off Facebook & Instagram. Let yourself slowly descend into the primal zone of birth, the trance of labour.

Commune with your baby, silently and aloud. Sing. And tell your little one in words just how much you’re looking forward to their gentle entry. To holding him or her in your arms.

Then welcome this new life with your full presence and open heart.

Nothing else will matter more in that moment.

Absolutely nothing.


Nisha Gill is the founder of Feminine Instincts ~ Perinatal & Trauma Services. She works holistically in the fields of childbirth education, bodywork, counselling, Somatic Experiencing® (body-centered trauma therapy), pre- & post-natal yoga and  supporting women in birth as a doula.

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