Frequently Asked Questions

I’m feeling overwhelmed by stresses in my life / experiencing ongoing anxiety / a sense of disconnection from my feelings. How can you help me?

I can offer a series of sessions to help you unravel this at the level of your nervous system where stress and trauma resides. These symptoms usually reflect a state of your nervous system being stuck in high energy states of fight, flight or freeze. The therapy I offer is a gentle, body-focused way to reverse these symptoms.


The birth of my baby was an overwhelming experience for me and has left me feeling powerless. I’m finding it hard not to keep thinking about the experience and can’t switch off and relax easily. Can you help me with this?

Yes, these are classic symptoms of birth trauma. The longer they continue, the more likely they are to become entrenched in your way of being. Somatic Experiencing® the body-centred approach I use is a gentle and empowering way to unlock these survival energies from your nervous system and give you back a level of ease and freedom to move on with your life. As a first step I suggest taking the birth trauma quiz to determine the level of trauma you are experiencing. 


What do sessions involve?

 Sessions are usually for 1.5 hours and conducted in a seated or lying position, fully clothed. A safe and confidential sanctuary is created through our interaction and a good deal of time is spent in establishing a level of nervous system stability, and comfort and safety in your own body. This provides the solid ground from which to explore the impact of trauma on your nervous system in small and deliberate steps.

This impact can be slowly unravelled through clear guidance and tracking subtle shifts in your body so as to not re-traumatize your nervous system. Touch can be incorporated through clothing to support stabilization of the nervous system and more directly access parts of the body affected by trauma. Past events are “re-worked” and “discharged” as sensations, movements, images, words and meanings rather than narratives, and this offers a felt sense of completing what didn’t originally get to happen. Where your boundaries have been transgressed, they can be powerfully restored through guided processes to integrate a renewed sense of clarity and safety as you heal from old patterns. Embodied shame, anger and attachment issues are also addressed as part of the process.

Link to this article to read more about healing from birth trauma.


How many sessions will I need?

The process of unravelling entrenched patterns is subtle and cumulative, and several sessions are necessary to reverse the symptoms of trauma so that you sustain a new way of being.  Clients who experience acute symptoms find that weekly sessions initially are useful. They may later move to fortnightly or less frequent sessions. 

Feel free to contact me for a 30-minute no-obligation discovery session if you have further questions.

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