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Nourish: Women's 5-Week Embodiment Series
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Tuesdays 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
30 January to 27 February, 2018

Temple Street, Hawthorn East


Sacred women’s circle meets restorative yoga in this unique sanctuary to nourish yourself in mind, body and spirit in the busyness of your life. The gentle movement and meditation practices would be suitable for you as a woman no matter your age or stage of life.

Whether you are navigating the post-natal period or motherhood in general, menopause, trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, grief, major transitions or any other challenges in your life, this will be a rich oasis in which to be held by the resonance of other open-hearted women and give yourself space to rejuvenate.

The invitation will be to connect more deeply with the richness already within you by learning to be more present in your own body and create new ways of being with yourself.

Despite having access to instant communication via social media today, our lifestyles can be incredibly isolating and our challenges magnified in the absence of true villages of loving person-to-person connection.

We may have hold harsh self-judgements and guilt around not measuring up to being Superwoman as we compare ourselves with those around us whom we imagine “having all together”. This can easily spiral into feelings of not-good-enoughness and exhaustion.

How then can you turn things around to live from a place of fullness rather than depletion?

Nourish: Women’s Embodiment Series is a space for you to sit in circle regularly with like-minded other women and engage in restorative practices so that self-care and filling your own cup becomes a way of life to benefit not only yourself, but also your loved ones.

The 5-class series will offer an opportunity for sharing in the circle followed by gentle movement and meditation practices to balance your hormonal system, facilitate deep rest of your nervous system and recharge your entire body. The flavour of the classes will be a unique blend of Sacred Female Yoga, attachment theory, birth work, Somatic Experiencing® (trauma resolution),Tantric and Taoist practices.

There will be a theme each week for self-reflection and sharing in relation to your changing needs and experiences as a woman.

When women come together in circle with openness and the intention of self-nurturing, a deep resonance of support is palpable that is beyond words and individuals.

This unconditional holding is then transportable to your life outside the oxytocin-drenched space for more sustained feelings of wellbeing and resilience. The ripples of your self-nourishment will no doubt extend to all those in your realm.

The class size will be limited to ensure a sacred container of confidentiality, intimacy and safety. Online booking is essential reserve your place for the entire series.

Your Investment:


for ten hours of class time & weekly email support

Terms & Conditions: Booking with payment ensures that your place is reserved for the entire series. Refunds are not permitted for any missed classes. Cancellation & full refund can be made no less than two weeks prior to the start of the series.

Nisha Gill ~ 0402 039 341

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