Frequently Asked Questions

My baby is a few days / weeks / months old and I’m feeling physically and emotionally drained.  How can you help me feel better?

I would recommend a deeply nurturing and revitalising 1.5-hour post-natal  massage to ease muscle tension, balance hormones, boost levels of oxytocin (the hormone of love and bonding) and support your post-natal recovery. In some cultures, new mothers receive massage on a daily(!) basis to help with their recovery and adjustment to life with a young baby.

How soon post-natally would you recommend massage?

Gentle tactile therapy can begin a day or two post-natally to help you feel nurtured, grounded and more in your body. However, firmer massage is not recommended for two weeks post-natally to allow for your body’s natural recovery and realignment.

Do you do home visits?
Yes, depending on your location. There would be an additional fee to cover travel.

Since my baby’s birth, I’ve been feeling anxious / unable to unwind / have flashbacks about my distressing birth experience / feel numb and disconnected. How can you help me?   

This is my area of speciality and I can support you to create greater calm and resilience in your body with a range of touch and talk therapies. This may include an initial birth debrief and therapy to soothe your nervous system so that you begin to resolve specific trauma and build your capacity to manage stress in general. The symptoms of birth trauma affect not only the mothers who experience them but also ripple out to their babies, partners and families.  See Trauma FAQs for more specific information on resolving trauma.
I’ve been feeling fragmented and not quite in my body since my baby’s birth. How can you help me?

As well as direct bodywork, I offer an ancient post-natal ritual known as a “Closing of the Bones” ceremony. This powerful ritual supports the feeling of being back in your body, honours your pregnancy and birth journey, creates closure around your baby’s birth and celebrates your transition to motherhood.

I offer this as a 1:1 service and recommend a 2-hour session for a deeper experience.

How much do sessions cost?
Sessions cost $179 for 1.5 hours.  Private health fund rebates may also apply.
How many sessions will I need?
My philosophy as a practitioner is to empower individuals and not to create dependency.

However, if you are experiencing long-standing issues in your life, a single session will simply act as a “circuit breaker” and provide temporary relief. It is not likely to lead to the lasting outcomes you may desire.

A course of a number of sessions is normally recommended one to three weeks apart in order to experience a sustainable change in your situation.

This is best discussed in an initial session or during a 20-minute discovery call when I have a better sense of your needs and how I can best serve you.  Your openness and trust to show up for your own process are key in the extent to which you will benefit from each session.

Please contact me for a free consultation if you have further questions.

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