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Birthing Bliss Immersion
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10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Sundays, 3 and 10 February 2019

Hawthorn East

Birth is the ultimate act of trust and surrender – to the unknown and to the profound intelligence of our female bodies. The demands of modern life have resulted in many of us being more present in our thoughts than in our exquisite bodies. Our focus is often on doing rather than on just being, leaving us quite disconnected from our true feminine power and magic. 

How then can we trust and open to birth our babies with our full primal power?

This 2-day birth embodiment series will be a lush sanctuary in which to:

  • slow down and connect with what’s really alive for you psycho-emotionally, physically & energetically as you approach your baby’s birth
  • learn to deeply trust and surrender to the power and instinctual knowing of your sublime womanly body
  • connect fully with your primal intelligence, sensuality and sexuality as powerful tools for labour and birth
  • experience these as doorways to the transcendent states which accompany undisturbed and ecstatic birth
  • explore your dreams, desires and vision as you transition to motherhood
  • draw on the support of Mother Earth and the women who have birthed before you
  • set your intention for a deeper level of self-nurturing and learning to receive support as an ongoing priority in the days ahead
  • celebrate your magnificence as Woman and Mother
  • fully immerse in the miracle of bringing new life into the world

          Each day of this unique offering will include sessions of Primal Mamaembodiment                                                for birth practices as an invitation to fully inhabit your instinctual body;                                                 information on maximising the potential for the safe, undisturbed birth of your baby;                                tips for promoting ecstatic birth;  a somatic journey designed to reduce anxiety around birth;                 and other processes to deepen your trust in normal physiological birth.


The two days of the Immersion are spaced a week apart to allow for some integration between sessions. There will be time set aside for you to enter a deep state of relaxation as you reflect upon your birth vision. This space will also allow you to articulate your fears, transmute them in a simple yet powerful ritual, and replace them with positive intentions for birth and motherhood.


Being deeply held by an open-hearted circle of women will have the added benefit of activating your parasympathetic nervous system and flow of oxytocin & endorphins – the very conditions you will want to replicate in labour. 


The cost of the workshop includes nourishing snacks and a resource pack with information related to your peri-natal journey – aimed at clarifying your intentions and boosting your confidence. It also includes a copy of Preparing For Birth (Plumtree Baby) and access to birth hypnosis and somatic birth journey audios.


Places at this workshop are strictly limited to create an intimate and sacred container as you dive into your own depths in the company of like-minded women.


You are welcome to attend at any time from 12 weeks of your pregnancy. If you have any physical limitations in relation to gentle yoga movements please discuss these briefly with your facilitator on the day.


The workshop is designed to leave you feeling deeply nourished, totally blissful and confident for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Terms & Conditions: Booking with payment ensures that your place is reserved for the full Immersion. Refunds are not permitted for missed days. Cancellation & refund minus $25 handling fee can be made no less than two weeks prior to the start of the series.

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