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Birthing Bliss For Couples
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Birthing Bliss For Couples is birth education with a unique embodiment flavour to support you equally as partners in your transition to parenthood through a felt sense of confidence and clarity.
It is based on the understanding that birth is a highly sensitive field and that each partner can significantly impact on the birth of their baby by the quality of their own presence. The retreat day is also an opportunity for you to explore new and embodied ways of relating with one another during this time of rapid change as you prepare together for birth and parenthood.
Birthing Bliss For Couples is a rich melting pot of potent mind-body processes for getting comfortable with the primal territory of birth, disarming fears and self-doubt, birth-readiness exercises and rituals for practising at home, and information on navigating pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester with ease and grace.

The program will cover

  • our mammalian physiology as it applies to birth versus the threat response
  • your preferred tools for relaxation
  • birth psychology
  • navigating relationship changes from pregnancy to early parenthood
  • your birth vision as a couple
  • a birth hypnosis journey
  • examining your fears if any around birth & parenthood
  • sensuality & sexuality as labour tools
  • the power of focussed awareness, vocalisation & breath
  • ways of enhancing the primal zone or “trance of labour”
  • conscious touch
  • partner massage in pregnancy, labour & post-natally
  • pelvic awareness & balancing
  • the sentience of your newborn & why the finer details of birth really matter
  • and easing into the “fourth trimester”.

Your Facilitators

Nisha Gill draws on her experience in birth education, women’s Tantric yoga, birth attendance as doula, bodywork, counselling, Somatic Experiencing®, birth hypnosis and her own birthing experiences to support you with a profoundly felt sense of trust in the instinctual realm of birth.


Jared Osborne brings his wisdom as a men’s relationship coach and father of two who is passionate about supporting fathers and families to flourish. He will share perspectives on how fathers can stay connected, present and grounded to create an enriching birth experience for themselves as well as their partner.


The number of couples attending will be limited to create an intimate group container for ease of embodied learning. It is recommended that you attend the retreat day from approximately twenty weeks of pregnancy in order to engage in the practices with greater relevance to your preparation for birth. Online booking is essential to reserve your place.

The cost includes free access to a birth hypnosis audio and folder of resource material, nourishing snacks and drinks.




Nisha Gill ~ 0402 039 341


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